A Short Letter To My Materialistic Ego

“I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer” — Jim Carey

Yes, I know you think money is gonna bring more joy, happiness, better health, better food, and more opportunities.

You can have a good life with much less than you think

Somewhere out there, is a person living on a budget of $100 per month and he is happy.

Money has the power to destroy your personality

Do you know anyone who became rich and suddenly changed? Did they change in a good way?

Less money can make you more creative

When there is no money in your pockets but you have a strong feeling about buying something, you cannot imagine how creative you will get in the process of achieving that.

Deeper connections with people

Living under your means and going through life challenges will help you create deeper connections with people. Why? Because people connect a lot better when they experience the same pain.

Your life will be more interesting

Nowadays, people are fed up with money-making tales. We want to listen to horror stories about getting lost in a jungle in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country with nothing in your pockets.

You will learn that money should be used as a tool

Yeah sure, you can make money to buy a better life. But It won’t necessarily make you happier.

On this journey promise me…

Promise me you are not gonna choose a career for the paycheck but for how much value you can add to this world.



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